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Business Writing, Workshop, and Coaching Testimonials

Business Writing and Marketing Communications

Sheryl can write well...there's no doubt about that. What made her unique was the strong impact she had on me. Sheryl helped me to crystallize my vision and helped me to become the best possible version of myself that I could be. She also helped to redefine my strategy, prepare a solid presentation, and write powerful text for other documents I needed. Working with Sheryl has given me the confidence to accomplish my goals.
                        -Cynthia Karapanos, President, Fingerprint Solutions

Thanks once again for helping me put together a brochure that I am thrilled with. Along with exceeding my expectations in providing me with clear, concise and powerful text, you helped me to better define my business, understand the value I bring to clients, and communicate that value to others by focusing on them, not on myself. Your marketing mindset combined with skilled writing is what sets you apart. I would recommend you highly to anyone who is in need of business writing!

-Elise J. Levy, Levy CFO Consulting Services

After internally revising the third draft of the web content for our new web site, we decided we needed it written by a professional. Sheryl came highly recommended. We were thrilled with how quickly and succinctly Sheryl understood our business and completed the task at hand. Her work is clean and professional, and we recommend her without hesitation. 

                        -John Snyder, President, The HCR Group

I reviewed the annual report with Jit [Chairman and CEO] and he said it’s “outstanding”—the best he’s seen. He felt that this was certainly written by a marketing professional who understands our message and how to get it across.

                        -Pat Scannell, Treasurer and CFO, Applix, Inc.

Sheryl quickly captured the essence of our mission and produced a top-quality video that appealed to a broad-based audience.

                        -Ron Madigan, Director, U.S. Department of Transportation


Prior to meeting Sheryl I struggled through my responsibility of writing investment research. My research colleagues would edit my work regularly and provide a litany of corrections and changes. I knew their suggestions improved the paper, but I did not understand what I was doing wrong. After working with Sheryl for a very short time, I became a confident writer and have published numerous investment white papers that drove tangible results and received high acclaim.

                        -Robert Graves, CFA, Vice President Strategic Relations
Columbia Management  


Verbal feedback and written evaluations [about your workshop] were outstanding… “The class was awesome! Bravo! I expect to cut my writing time by 30%”…A clear indicator of success is that, as word spread to a wide cross-section of the campus, the single workshop we scheduled with you expanded to three. As a result of positive feed back and the improved quality of writing, we are scheduling several workshops at our Boston and Grafton campuses. 

                       -Jane S. Briscoe, HR, OD&T, Tufts University

Sheryl’s workshop, “Write It So They’ll Read It,” improved my writing skills more than any other single course of study in the past 30 years. Writing now takes less time (for writer and reader) and provides more value than ever before. The changes recommended by Sheryl’s course are often subtle but provide strong impact. Thank you for your insights and personal attention. I’ve recommended that all of the Information Technology team take the course.
 -Rick Wahlberg, PMP, Project Manager, Financial and Information 
                           Management Systems, OneBeacon Insurance

Dear Sheryl: I am pleased to tell you that business writing workshop you presented far surpassed our expectations. We did have initial concerns about committing our entire staff to a one-day class of non-billable time…Everyone raved about the workshop and felt the time was very well spent. People are writing email headlines that deliver key information, our emails are clearer and getting results, and we’re starting to implement many of the proposal suggestions you made. We look forward to working with you in the future to help us move to yet another level.

                         -Stephen Wessling, President and CEO, Wessling Architects, Inc.

When we first broached the idea of a business writing class to our Director and VP-level associates, the silence was deafening! Many of these associates (myself included) have been to seminars and workshops that have not met our needs. Imagine their surprise - to actually attend a workshop that addressed their needs completely in a logical and entertaining manner! Comments included, Wow-that was great; I’m actually looking forward to writing my next memo! and Everyone in the office needs to take this course!  I think that the best testimonial for your workshop is the fact that we plan on having a least two more of your classes.

                         -Joe Curtin, Director of Recruiting, Training and Development, Roche Bros.

Outstanding [business writing seminar]! It should be mandatory for all GM, GMAC, MIC, and EDS employees.

                         -Mimi Czyrka, Senior Training Analyst, GMAC


I was very fortunate to have you as my coach and I still refer back to the book you wrote. Coaching with you has changed my perspective of thinking from tactical/generic level to high/strategic level. Coaching with you has not only changed my thinking at a professional level but at a personal level as well. It has immensely helped me in delivering what the audience would like to hear from what I want them to hear. I would like to thank you again.


                        -Amandeep Singh, Business Intelligence Application Lead, Constant Contact


Dear Sheryl: After working with you as my business writing coach for just two half days, I was amazed at how much of a difference your program has made with my writing! I am now writing to the audience that will read my information. I have become more succinct in getting my message across and am thinking about what my reader needs to know versus everything I want to say. I am also thinking about the visual impact, so I present my message in the most readable and strategic way. I highly recommend you as a business writing coach to anyone interested in becoming better at their job!

                           -Teleia Farrell, Manager of Public Relations, BJ's Wholesale Club                       

By working with Sheryl as my writing coach, I now have a structured framework for outlining articles and reports, writing from the readers' perspective, creating headlines that entice the reader, using tools to drive more “analyst-like” writing, and using the active voice. My manager is very happy with the progress I've made.

                          -Mike Griswold, Research Director, Retail, AMR Research, Inc.