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Coaching: Advanced Business/Technical Writing

The National Center on the Evaluation of Quality in the Workplace lists superior communications skills [writing] as one of the two leading qualifications a successful employee must have. Attitude is the other.

•  Do you spend too much time at your computer composing and recomposing?
•  Are you losing contracts because your proposals don’t hit the mark?
•  Are you bogged down in the fusillade of emails and losing opportunities because of poorly written

If so, coaching may be your answer
If you answer yes to any of the questions above — or to any others questions that keep you from being a high performer due to mediocre writing skills — sustained learning through coaching may be your answer.

I have been fortunate to work with Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts for the past several months. Sheryl is an extremely insightful coach and mentor. Sheryl brings a wealth of business experience and pragmatic solutions to each and every interaction. Working with Sheryl has empowered me to bring my communication, management and leadership skills to the next level. 


 —Jeffrey Pollock, Senior Analytics Strategist, Constant Contact

Bring your writing to the next level
Experience the benefits of customized, private coaching directly related to your writing needs. Coaching clients have cut writing time by as much as 50%, learned to compose strategic messages that get results, and closed multi-million contracts.

•  If you have taken any of my business/technical writing workshops, continue to reinforce the skills
   you learned, expand your technique, and bring your writing to the next level.
•  If you haven’t taken any of my business/writing workshops, learn the tried-and-tested Six Step 
   Process to bring your writing to the next level.